Caire/Airsep® NewLife Intensity 10

//Caire/Airsep® NewLife Intensity 10

Caire/Airsep® NewLife Intensity 10

Oxygen Concentration 90% – 92% +/-3%
Oxygen Outlet Pressure 20 psig
Dimension 27.5 in H X 16.7 in W X 14.5 in D
Weight 26.3 kg
Power 220–240 V, 50 Hz, 2 amps
Power Consumption 590 watts
Alarm Battery test, Power failure, High and low pressure, Low concentration


Caire/AirSep®’s NewLife Intensity 10 delivers upto 10LPM of therapeutic oxygen. A high pressure maximum flow in one concentrator means that your most challenging oxygen applications can be met. Even set-ups for two patients are easily achieved through the use of NewLife Intensity 10.

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