Vortran VAR®

//Vortran VAR®

Vortran VAR®

Ventilatory Frequency Auto-Adjusting to Lung Capacity
Adjustable Peak Pressure Range 10 to 45 cm-H2O
PEEP 1/5th of PIP (2 to 9 cm-H2O)
Inspiratory Resistance 3±1 cm-H2O/L/sec
Expiratory Resistance 3±1 cm-H2O/L/sec
Patient Connection Ø15mm female, Ø22mm male
Oxygen concentration when supplied with 100% O2 50 – 85%


RespiRent™ introduces VAR® (VORTRAN Automatic Resuscitator), a unique single patient use, disposable resuscitator for use with patients weighing (10Kg & above). It provides consistent, reliable, hands free ventilatory support via a mask or endotracheal tube using a continuous gas flow source. VAR is a Gas Powered, Pressure Cycled, Cost effective short-term ventilation alternative.

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